ICME Healthcare History

ICME was founded in 1954 in Switzerland and therefore counts as one of the oldest Swiss consulting companies.

Development of the ICME Business Units
The history of ICME is closely linked to the development of the management in Europe. ICME started as a consulting service with the point of view that management does not just depend on branches or functions, and that all fields of management are all the same in companies. It’s just the solution that has to be found individually. In times of higher complexity and specialization, ICME currently focuses its management consulting services based on the Healthcaer Sector.

Development of the ICME Workforce

Today ICME employees a team of 50+ experienced and knowledgeable healthcare consultants and subject matter experts, both with proven comprehensive healthcare knowledge and sound experience. Our consultants are graduates of leading business schools and universities.  In addition to our in-house skills, we leverage our qualified network of experts and partners to better meet customers requirements for complex turn - key projects ICME has become the trusted healthcare advisor of governments, private investors and multi-national companies.

Location/Office development of ICME
ICME expanded first across Europe (Zurich, Paris, Berlin and Hamburg). ICME also extended its coverage to the Middle East/ North Africa (MENA) region from our Abu Dhabi office. The offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Yogyakarta, Indonesia increasing our footprint in the Asia-Pacific region.