Healthcare markets globally exhibit specific frameworks and characteristics and require customized, sustainable and long-term focuses strategies in the context of the region and development

  • developed countries, where partially overcapacities or the challenge of rising healthcare costs require alignments of the strategic positioning to adapt and maintain or increase the quality of care
  • emerging economies, where the increase in demand for healthcare services is pushing healthcare provider to their limits and long-term strategies to cope with the growing demand are required
  • developing countries, which partially struggle to provide basic medical coverage and access to adequate healthcare for entire populations

New strategies and innovative healthcare delivery models are required to cope with the challenges of today.


ICME Healthcare develops strategies for

  • regulators, ministries of health and other health-related institutions and authorities
  • hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, ambulatory healthcare centers and long-term care facilities
  • health insurances and payer organizations
  • investors and non-profit organizations


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Health facility planning and development

Within the business field of healthcare facility planning we support clients within the complete planning and building phases of a hospital, from the strategic planning and design development, the construction management up to the beginning of operation of a new hospital.


From Concept to Turnkey Delivery


ICME Healthcare exhibits a successful track record in the field of healthcare facility development projects. Our experience in operations, health management services and processes create value to healthcare facilities development, redesign, and renovation and optimization projects.


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Healthcare systems are evolving and needs to adapt to various challenges. The change of objectives within the systems e.g. costs, efficiency, quality, patient safety or the change in scope such as the epidemiological transition from communicable to non-communicable and chronic diseases have impacts on provider, regulators, patients and other stakeholders within the system.


  • Developed countries are facing challenges of rising healthcare expenditures, the pressure on their existing healthcare service delivery and provision of care for the increasing aging populations
  • Developing and emerging economies struggle with their healthcare delivery infrastructure (low hospital or physician per population ratios), critical shortages of health workforce and the management of communicable and non-communicable diseases


eHealth includes all forms of innovation in the provision and delivery of healthcare using information and communication technologies e.g. electronic patient record (EPR) or electronic health record (EHR), telemedicine, mHealth, decision-support systems, electronic medication systems, health knowledge resources or health information systems (HIS), mobile health (mHealth), etc. 


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Operational and management services

Healthcare operators striving for improvements of performance, functionality and quality of their organization and services. 

ICME Healthcare works closely with its clients to address efficiency challenges and work to reduce weaknesses, bottlenecks and barriers. Our consultants provide methodologies and tools in combination with hands-on experience in various fields of healthcare to improve our clients operations in the areas of

  • Facility managment (FM)

  • Clinical and non-clinical reorganization

  • Process redesign



Our approach covers an detailed assessment, development of necessary initatives, creation of an action plan and milestones and implementation support. 

Our tailor-made, achievable and implementable solutions cover single departments of a healthcare facility or across the entire organization. 



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