ICME Healthcare consultans & leadership team

Healthcare Consultans

ICME consultants are sector and industry specialists with a passion for strategy development and strong sense for implementing sustainable solutions. We have assembled a qualified company staff with experience in international healthcare consulting, management, and engineering projects with various backgrounds in the fields of

  • Economy and business
  • Medicine and healthcare
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Hospital Operations


Our employees are our biggest asset. Most of our staff is regionally based with extensive regional and international work experience and a feeling for corporate cultures. All medical advisors and technical experts have extensive consulting experience in addition to their medical expertise. ICME management has many years of first-hand healthcare management experience and has worked for world-wide industry leaders in the healthcare sector.



Leadership team

We believe in entrepreneurship, and in every respect we are an independent consulting firm for top management, based purely on our partnerships with individual entrepreneurs.

We operate ICME Healthcare with a partnership structure.


ICME Healthcare partners are Holger Micheel-Sprenger, Wolfgang Moeller and Jan Glöer.