Operational and management services

Facilities Management

As healthcare facilities are one of the most complex buildings, a well run facility has impact on the delivery of all hospital programs and ensures that there is no or minimum downtime to clinical operations. Operation of healthcare facilities requires an effective running system of management to keep facilities at the highest level of operation and to avoid down time.


Facility Management takes care of maintenance, fire & safety, security and applies procedures to optimize the costs for FM at the same time. Facilities management is designed to ensure corporate and regulatory compliance and the proper operation of all aspects of the building to create an optimal, safe and cost effective environment for the patient and staff on site.


ICME Healthcare provides experienced facility managers, and electrical, mechanical, building and biomedical engineers to ensure your health facility and all support functions are well organized and managed.


Our services

  • Identification of relevant action areas for the optimization of FM in terms of project processes on site or in terms of corporate support functions e.g. HR, finance, purchasing, logistic, etc.
  • Implementation of international competitive FM business models and processes
  • Current state analysis (roles and responsibilities, processes) and local, regional, international benchmarking
  • Implementation with action plan, milestones
  • Evaluation and monitoring within the change management process
  • Description of new roles and responsibilities, positions and processes
  • Restructuring of determinants for the future FM business model
  • Restructuring of interfaces between FM and corporate support functions (HR, finance, purchasing, logistics, etc.)
  • Implementation of the strategy

Clinical and non-clinical reorganization

The challenges in the healthcare industry force provider and operators of health serivces to an organizational change from a department-focused to a process- and patient flow oriented organization. The optimal utilization of resources is crucial for operations. This leads to an increased pressure on process-oriented patient control in regards to an integrated, holistic and comprehensive management of clinical and non-clinical areas. 


Typical reorganization problem statements

  • How can we organize a process- and patient-oriented operation to ensure an efficient service provision?
  • How can we organize our non-core competencies in a cost-optimal manner and simultaneously provide ideal support for our clinical core areas?




Our services for the clinical reorganization:

  • Efficiency improvments of the clinical service provision
  • Analysis
    • Performance and cost structures
    • Current state processes and organization
    • current state resource utilization (workforce, medical equipment, spaces, capacities) and benchmarking
  • Definition of a target concept
    • Definition of service offerings
    • Processes
    • Organizational structure
    • Resource dimensioning (workforce, medical equipment, space utilization)
    • Resourcen planing, allocation and control mechnisms
  • Implementation planning and support




Our services for the non-clinical reorganization:

  • (Operational) cost optimization of non-clincal areas as procurement/ purchasing, logistics, etc. 
  • Definition of strategic requirements
  • Definition of service offerings
  • Analysis of performance and costs structures
  • Definition of target processes, organization and resources dimensioning
  • Development of scenarios and evaluation
    • in terms of make or buy desicions, outsourcing, insourcing
    • potential business models
  • Implementation planning and support

Process redesign

Operators of healthcare facilities are constantly striving for improvements of both, the functionality and quality of the organization and services provision. We address efficiency challenges and support leaders and managers of health facilities to prioritize and systematically reduce weaknesses. The availability of key resources are the decisive success factor of holistic process-oriented efforts towards the opimization of operational and process costs.



Our services:

  • Optimization of primary (clinical), secondary and tertiary processes
  • Analysis of process times, flowrates and times, utilization rates, process costs
  • Identification of bottlenecks
  • Recommendations for a process-oriented reorganization and optimization of the given spaces
  • Definition of a practial and implementable concept for the restructuruing, concidering medical and structural circumstances
  • Implementation support, change-, project, and processmanagement