Many factors make up ICME's distinctive culture, but people are our key asset. That's why we offer much more than an attractive compensation package. A realistic balance between professional demands and private goals forms an important part of the foundation of our company culture.

We feel a certain responsibility towards our employees and listen carefully to them. We support our employees, for example, in their pursuit of advanced professional development or additional qualifications. We also provide time for you to take a sabbatical.


We look for personalities with character and professional expertise, who are innovative, curious and flexible.

Our Principles

Thinking and acting like an entrepreneur. For us, this principle includes an ongoing search for market opportunities and improvement potential as well as providing straightforward information about business development.

Intellectual capital. Continual professional development is part of this principle, and similarly we support our employees in the implementation of their own ideas for expanding their expertise.

Flat hierarchy. Our decision making channels are short and we live up to our open door policy.

Culture of top-down and bottom-up feedback. We are a learning organization.

Leadership. We delegate tasks and responsibility, and our employees participate in our goal-setting and management process.