Healthcare systems are evolving and needs to adapt to various challenges. The change of objectives within the systems e.g. costs, efficiency, quality, patient safety or the change in scope such as the epidemiological transition from communicable to non-communicable and chronic diseases have impacts on provider, regulators, patients and other stakeholders within the system.


  • Developed countries are facing challenges of rising healthcare expenditures, the pressure on their existing healthcare service delivery and provision of care for the increasing aging populations
  • Developing and emerging economies struggle with their healthcare delivery infrastructure (low hospital or physician per population ratios), critical shortages of health workforce and the management of communicable and non-communicable diseases


eHealth includes all forms of innovation in the provision and delivery of healthcare using information and communication technologies e.g. electronic patient record (EPR) or electronic health record (EHR), telemedicine, mHealth, decision-support systems, electronic medication systems, health knowledge resources or health information systems (HIS)



The use of eHealth technologies can support healthcare providers with beneficial potential such as

  • reduction of hospitalization and readmissions, especially for chronic disease
  • enhanced efficacy by avoiding unnecessary follow-up costs, adverse effects, administrative expenses
  • cost savings (due to reduction in unnecessary hospitalizations)
  • improve staff productivity and free up physicians and nurses
  • improve efficiency in organizing and planning of formal caregiver services
  • improve the quality of care and improve health outcomes
  • attracting new patients who may not have previously had access to care, and empowering patients and families to take a more active role in care and self-monitoring and informal care giving e.g. remote technology models enables nurses to manage the care of chronic patients in their homes using video and diagnostic devices
  • Modernizing the health system



Our services

  • Market analysis
  • eHealth Technology Assessment
  • cost-benefit-evaluation
  • Strategy development of innovative, eHealth-based delivery of care models
  • Implementation of eHealth concepcts, strategies and technologies