Innovative, ehealth-based primary care model

Project description

The client planned to target the lack of access for the rural and remote population. Therefore, an innovative primary care model with eHeatlh technologies should be developed and implemented.


This model should achieve a variety of targets in support with digital applications:

  • enhance access to healthcare services anytime and everywhere
  • provide online healthcare services in rural and remote areas
  • contain and control healthcare costs
  • reduce administrative and medical errors
  • improve customer experience and education


Our services

Within the project, the strategy for an innovative primary healthcare delivery model for the remote and rural population has been developed. E-Health applications and technologies played a key role in providing access to the population. A cloud-based platform was implemented in combination with minor physical infrastructre such as health kiosks or fully equiped clinic containers. The physical infrastructure directly connected via the cloud-based system to physicians and care givers in hospitals and health centers to provide direct diagnostic and examination services. 


Indended targets of the project to be achieved:

  • increase of access to healthcare services through defined pathways incl. gatekeeping and telemedicine applications and communications between patients and health workforce (physicians and nurses) shall result in 
    • reduced costs and efforts for the construction and maintenance of medical infrastructure
    • enhanced the use of medical resources esp. health workforce via the virtual access
  • Reduction of costs of access to care for patients
    • Travel time and costs for patients has been reduce significantly
    • Reduction of waiting time in the clinics and centers, as more patients have been seen via telemedicine technologies