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Technical Assistance in Hospital Management

  • Client: The Republic of Kosovo
  • Country: Kosovo
  • Year: 2019

Brief scope of work related to above work group/service:


ICME Healthcare was selected as the advisor and consultant to the Kosovo Hospital and University Clinical Service (KHUCS) in the relevant management, clinical, medical, legal and financial expertise that need to be involved for the development, implementation and supervision for the project goals.


The Republic of Kosovo is undertaking the Kosovo Health Project which aims to develop its healthcare sector for the introduction of Social Health Insurance and strengthen primary healthcare in selected municipalities. As part of the Kosovo Health Project, this particular project aims to provide technical assistance to KHUCS in hospital management.


ICME Healthcare is in charge of:

● Assessing the governance and management of KHUCS and of University Clinical Center Kosovo (UCCK), and recommending revisions in the organizational structure to improve the technical and professional management of KHUCS and UCCK that will enable contracting of the hospital services with the HIF;


● Identifying priority areas for capacity strengthening, for example but not exclusively health
financing, financial management, human resource management, information management,
and facilities and inventory management; and


● Providing trainings on the core priority areas to hospital managers of KHUCS including UCCK.

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