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International Consulting & Management Engineering (ICME) is a specialized healthcare consulting and management firm with a successful track record of more than 50 years. ICME Healthcare offers clients independent advisory services, covering the full range from developing and implementing healthcare strategy to improving ongoing operations. Thus ICME Healthcare shares the commitment and the interest for the optimisation of all its clients’ requirements.

Our customers include large, multinational companies and domestic key players. ICME's experience includes the completion of numerous successful consulting projects for important players in the ICME business unit. ICME develops long-term relationships with clients, which is reflected by approx. 75% follow-up orders from our customers. These relationships prove our clients' high level of satisfaction with our services and ensure a substantial amount of repeat business.


ICME supports Hospital Manager in the five core areas: Strategic Business Consulting, Healthcare and Operational Planning, Technology and Equipment Planning, Design and Construction Management and Operational and Facility Optimization.


We provide extensive pracitcal experience in the areas of

  • strategy consulting
  • health facility planning and development
  • operational and management services.




BIM-Project: The new Al Ain Hospital

The hospital will accommodate 713 beds and will cover approximately 350,000 sq. m of built up area

including a stand-alone logistics centre and two levels of underground parking.

Next to the main hospital, there are six other new buildings located on the plot. The adjacent

Rehabilitation and Administration buildings are linked directly in both basement levels for parking.

The Rehabilitation, the Administration and the morgue will be connected to the Main Hospital with

shaded walkways. The Logistic Centre and the Morgue are connected with the Main Hospital

Complex via an underground supply tunnel system for service and disposal.

Al Ain, Feb. 2016

Al Towayya Children´s Speciallty Centre