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Wasso Hospital is situated in Loliondo area, Ngorongoro district in Arusha region and is serving a population of about 120,000 people. Being the only working hospital, it receives all referrals from health centres and clinics (dispensary) in the area. The Church (Archidiocese of Arusha) / owner of Wasso hospital and the government started a collaboration in which the government took responsibility for the provision of medicines, medical equipment and health guidelines, and limited funds for the payment of staff. The vision of Wasso Hospital is to “fulfil the call of Christ in the healing Ministry by providing the health status of all, especially those most in need”. With a total of 175 beds the Hospital offers inpatient and outpatient care services. The outpatient service comprises of clinical diagnostics and treatments, whereas the inpatient services mainly relate to minor surgeries.
ICME Healthcare is mandated to conduct a strategic facility planning for the Wasso Hospital. The first phase of the Wasso Hospital planning includes a market study and Hospital assessment to develop a strategic hospital optimization concept. The planning further includes a medical concept encompassing clinical and non-clinical services in an integrated care delivery approach. The study concludes with a financial planning to execute the Wasso Hospital concept in a turn-key approach. ICME Healthcare is further engaged during the next phases, which include design and design management, project management and site supervision with key partners.

ICME Healthcare is engaged to conduct a strategic hospital planning for the University Hospital, including assessment of specific departments. Based on its status, ICME develops a specific strategic concept embedded into the overall healthcare delivery and performance of the University Hospital. Across the project execution, ICME works closely with the Hospital management. Based on the approval of the concept, ICME is in the process of implementing the strategy.

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Turnkey planning, design, tender management, and construction supervision for the 700+ bed new Al Ain Hospital.

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Al Ain Hospital

Turnkey planning, design, tender management, and construction
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